1954 Model 71

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I finally found a Winchester 71 I could afford! It is a 1954 rifle that needs a little TLC. When I got it it had a Weatherby 2 3/4x10 power scope in a Williams side mount and some deer head racks on the stock. I Removed the scope and tacks and sent it to Bobby Tyler to fill in the holes and color case the receiver, butt plate, lever and forend, reblue the barrel, magazine and loading gate. I have a Redfield receiver sight I will put on it when it is finished and then I will hunt the heck out of it. I plan to shoot a few hogs and deer with it. I hope one day to take it on a bear and moose hunt. I can’t wait to see how it turns out with his case coloring. Here are the before picture:

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Welcome to Winchester Pacecars! You have the foundation of a fine rifle there, enjoy it.
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Thanks! I figured this was a perfect candidate as a non collector to have gussied up a little. I will either have a new stock made or refinish the current one and either have it done like a Deluxe 71 or have it checkered in the old custom style of days gone by
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Welcome to the herd Pacecars.

Nice find. Should be a beauty when finished.
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It would be sacrilegious considering the work I am having done to it but I have even considered having a Ruger No 1 1/4 rib in front of the receiver for a scout scope

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I have a 1955 that has a side mount like yours, it will go to deer blind Friday, the model 71 is a wonderful rifle an a great deer gun, good luck hunting and enjoy your new gun !!!!!

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