model 75 front globe/Peep identification help

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I am finally getting around to cleaning up and preparing to shoot my fathers Winchester 75. Along with it was a tin with different front inserts. Well the front globe housing and the installed insert have offset notches and tabs to seat the insert correctly. The inserts in the tin have equal tabs which won't work as they end up crooked. My question is: All of the inserts i see online have the opposing tabs, not the ofset ones like the one in the middle of my picture. The rear sight is marked Lyman but i see nothing on the front sight. What front sight might I have so I can start looking for assorted peeps?
This was my fathers first gun and he was born in 1931 so this gun should date pre WW11 if that helps.

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Welcome to the Winchester Owners Forum omgur2 !!

Can you post a picture of the gun...scope...with some close-ups of what you are trying to describe.

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