Field stripping guide for model 97

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Good day!

I'm becoming the proud owner of a rebuilt model 97 trench gun, 100+ years old, I don't have the serial number yet. Anyway, it's a solid frame version. Never having owned a shotgun I'm going to need to learn how to clean it properly after firing. The barrel is a no brainer, I've used bore snakes before. The receiver block is another matter though. Every time I Google I get complicated instructions for takedown versions and massive disassembly instructions. I don't need this info. I just need to know how to clean after leaving the range. Teardown cleaning if needed I'll go to a gunsmith, their the pros.

Thanks for your help! Everyone was great helping me with the older Winchester 86 shirt rifle I picked up. Got myself a white tail two years ago!!
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Good deal on the '97.

Try this link. Has takedown and solid.

We had the '97 trench when I was in Korea. USMC Ant-Tank Co, 1st MarDiv. Check my web site link to view my civilian pair. Not trench.
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