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My very first .22 was the boy's model 67. Eventually gave it to a friend, to upgrade from his worn out Stevens Favorite. It subsequently took a walk with some ne'er-do-well that burgled the house. My observation is that you see plenty of regular 67's, but almost never the boy's model. I think I've seen just one in the last several years. Did Winchester just not make many, or am I just not looking hard enough?

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While theyre not rare its an uncommon sight at gunshows and shops. The urge to counterfeit is out there, buyers should make themselves familiar with common Winchester traits before plunking down extra dollars for a "boys" or youth model 67a.

At the Reno show I once saw a counterfeit advertised as a "boise" model. Not sure if they couldn't spell or got what.

The youth model was offered during most of the 67a years resulting in different forearm thicknesses.


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