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This gun sure looks like a semi-auto but from everything I can find out it is a slide action. If anyone can confirm this I would appreciate it. A friend of mine was given one that had been found in a relatives house after he passed. It is in OK shape but I want to know more about it before I start taking it apart for cleaning.
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The Winchester M270 in indeed a pump (slide) action...

First year of Production: 1963

Last year of Production: 1973

Magazine: Tubular

Capacity: 16 .22 Long Rifles

The Winchester Model 270 serial numbers are non-sequential

Estimated Current Value: $210-$350

This rifle came in 2 types: The standard and the deluxe. The Winchester 270 Deluxe was the same as the standard except has a fancy walnut Monte Carlo stock, factory sling swivels and some enhanced carving. In certain cases, the deluxe was embellished with basket weave and oak leaf checkering and a gold trigger and safety button. All rifles in the 200 series have a grooved receiver to accept scope mounts.

All Winchester 270s were produced with a 20.5 inch barrel, a fixed front sight, adjustable rear sight. Additionally, there is a plastic forearm variation that is less desirable among collectors.

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