6 May 12, 50 Trap 27yd Handicap Only. Any gun.

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This is traditional handicap trap. Everyone shoots 27 yds. Get way back there and show us your best long shots! Look at it this way, you don’t have to walk as far from the clubhouse!
Prizes are determined by number of contestants on the day of the match.

Pre-registration required. Minimum 10 paid reservations to hold the match.

Refunds only given if 10 shooters don’t register.

25.00 entry fee.

Walk in's 30.00. (Call to make sure it hasn’t been cancelled.) Pre-registered shooters may pay by check.

Bring a walk in friend to shoot the match, save 5.00 on your entry.

First flight 12 am. Rain or shine.

Door prize for shooter who drove the farthest.

Lowest score gets free 50.00 coaching ticket for next visit.

Shot limited to #6 or smaller.

All club rules apply. NSSA / ATA rules and management rules apply for challenges.

Ties will be shot off on station 3-4-5 for skeet in doubles and the 27yd line for trap or other games. 1st miss and out.

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