1873 Rifle in .44/40 need 'smith recommendation

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My father passed away a year ago, and I've gotten his 1873 Winchester serial number 1799##. He bought this circa 1960, and refinished it circa 1965. Wood was completely replaced with "new" wood from Numrich, and he refinished it, re-blued it (plum brown I think it was called) - so collector value isn't much these days I'd think.

Anyway, barrel is gone - only see an indication of where rifling was - no rifling. I've talked to Redman Rifling and Reboring out of Omak, WA - getting the original barrel relined. I'm wondering if anyone can give recommendations for his work, etc.

Also - I understand reloads can be done with smokeless powder - VERY light loads, and wondering if anyone has experience with that an original 1873 action/barrel. I would go BP - but would prefer something smokeless (less corrosive). TrailBoss maybe?

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