1873 Serial number question

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Hi guys, first post so please be gentle.

I have the oppurtunity to purchase a model 1873 with the serial number 411352B, can anyone help me with a date of manufacture (the seller thinks it's around 1885), also is it normal to see a Serial number with a "B" at the end.

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As far as your question...try looking here:

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Howdy Les, welcome!

Best guess....YOM 1892.

On guns with numbers over 80,000, the letter "A" often follows the serial number. After serial number 170,000 the letter "B" or "A" may be found to serials in the late 190,000 range. After serial number 200,000 the letter "B" predominates.
These letters were a factory work mark denoting minor changes.
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Copper BB
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Thanks for the help and info guys, I really appreciate it.


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