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Hi gang, I’ve always wanted a Winchester 1873 and I’m looking at a couple of options. Hoping somebody could weigh in… First off, I would like an original pre-1900 1873. I see several on GB now that look nice in the low $2000s and less. What are some of the obvious things I need to worry about aside from non original parts, cracked stocks, bad bore, etc.?

I would also like to get a new 1873 and my preference leans towards the Miroku Winchester with case coloring or the Navy Arms Winchester. I love the Turnbull CC on the Navy Arms piece but I’m a little disappointed that I can only find it in 357 – would have preferred 44-40. Sounds like the fit and finish of these are great. The Winchester gun seems to get good reviews, looks a bit more old-timey original, and I can get it in 44-40 as well as 20” and it’s cheaper. The down-side is the case coloring is the hot salt style, not as pleasing to my eye as the Turnbull CC. Not sure how the quality/fit-finish compare between the two. Thoughts?
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As far as your question(s)...I will defer to the experts here.
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Welcome aboard the forum!

Wish I could give ya some help on both the pre-1900 Model 1873 as well as the newer Miroko 1873's. The only thing I can advise you to do is go to the WACA, The Winchester Arms Collector's Association and do a search there on their forum and read up on them cause a pre-1900 Model 1873 unless in bad shape is gonna cost ya, and unfortunately there are fakes in these collectibles as well. Those folks at the WACA are well versed in the Model 1873's and just about anything pre-64 Winchester.

There are some here that might be able to chime in on these and the Miroku's as well. Wish I could help ya but I can't.
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OK, most appreciated!

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