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I bought a third mod 38-40 several months ago.
It was in rough shape. 50% bore (perhaps less) breech wouldn’t lock closed without assist. Toggle links, pins, all loose and no longer serviceable. Both carrier and finger lever springs were ground nearly smooth. Finger lever lobe also ground down to nothing. Carrier lever also worn unserviceable. I replaced all these parts with original 73 parts I sourced from eBay (paying up on several). Lee Shaver Gunsmithing was a GREAT source for newly machined toggle links. They came with new pins. All of which fit my orig 73 like it was meant to be. He’s a bit pricey but I’d buy from him anytime.
All markings are clear and legible. A strong plum brown patina over the entire gun.
I’ve only taken off the rust in all areas it was found. Stock and forend have scratches and bruises and cuts and scrapes. I lightly stripped the wood and reapplied several layers of stock wax. It’s built up enough to protect it and allow the grain to show. I want to show off it’s scars proudly. No sanding, or (restoring) only ressurecting.
The breech locks solid now. The action is crisp and smooth! All action is tight but fluid. No hang ups or stops. It throws my test casings out like a champ!
I’m very proud of her.
I’ll post photos later

I’ve received her Cody letter around a month ago.
She dates to 1889. Serialed Jan09,1889 leaving the warehouse April13, 1889
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Tex, you are a gun hero. Saving a proud gun from destruction.

The narrative reads as if she served in Korea and Vietnam as civilian full-combat shooter.

Welcome to the herd!
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