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Good day,
Have a Sears model 54 (mfg by Winchester (mod 94)) that came into the shop with a very low serial number. So I couldn't help but wonder if when guns were made for stores or other companies by Winchester, did Winchester use their serial numbering or did they create a serial number listing specifically for that store/company? Will I be able to use the s/n on the rifle when compared to Winchesters dates of manufacture to determine year of creation or will there be a s/n listing for "non-Winchester" Winchesters that I may require the Cody Firearms Museum's assistance to identify this guns age?

Any possible assistance is appreciated.

Copper BB
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Hello bkmeis,

Sears had their own serial number sequence, and all records have been turned into the ATF (gone).
I've been working on a timeline for the Sear's Model 54 & Ted Williams Model 100's.
They had about 5 different spec numbers, I'm estimating dates as follows.
First Sears 273.810 Model 54 (1966-1968).
Second Sears 273.811 Model 54 (1968-1972).
Third Sears 273.2120 Model 54 (1972-197?).
Fourth Sears T.W. 273.532140 Model 100 (1972-1978).
Fifth Sears T.W. 273.532141 Model 100 (1978-1981).
1981: U.S. Repeating Arms takes ownership of the company. No more Sears Models


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