Any '94 30-30 Reloading Ninjas?

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 25, 2016 6:46 pm
I reload quite a bit.

With 4 leverguns, 3 in 30-30 and one in .44 magnum.

There is lots of data out there. Google and you will find many good loads for the 30-30.

I have found Varget works well just as the old stand by 3031 powder.

But the best seems to be LeverEvolution. I load 170 gr soft points and yes 2300 fps from a 20 inch Marlin 336 Texan. Soon I'll try the same in my Winchester 94 16 inch barrel Trapper I just got. I think it will make an honest 2150 fps, thus duplicating what ballistics one gets from a 20 inch barrel!

And since deer season is about here lots of shooting ranges are open to the public for sighting in day. Good time to collect some fresh 30-30 brass that is left on the ground!

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Welcome home Def!

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How's it going? Old thread...
When I started reloading I sounded just like you camel, head spinning at the amount of info. I found that I gained an entirely new perspective on shooting and guns in general. I didn't become a ballistics expert by any means, but began to understand how different things come together. Speed, twist, weight, bullet length, barrel length, chamber pressures just to name a few.
Also learned a great deal about the mechanics of guns in general. A couple things being the weight of parts in an action having as much effect as the shape and the way different guns, both big and small, seal the chamber against gas pressure. All very amazing stuff that I never really knew because there was never any need for it. I think a solid understanding is a very good thing when reloading.
I will eventually reload for 30-30 as well and read your post. Just wondering how it turned out for you.

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I have stopped by this thread just to see what had happened with the original.
Don't know where he went or if he really got a good start on loading.

Too bad. I have been loading for all of my rifles and pistols and shotguns since 69 and it is interesting to see others get started. Once in a while I have been able to help. Lots of records etc garnered over these many yrs. I don't throw away y any of my old manuals either and even have some from my dad dating back into the 40s and 50s.

Anyway, good luck and maybe the fellow will come back.


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