Ammo for a 1950 30-30 model 94

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This rifle handles 6 rounds into the tube. Is there ammo that offers a shorter casing so that I can increase the amount of rounds inserted into the tube?


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Hi ya techsent, welcome to Winchester stuff.

Be it I am not an ammo guru. However, I suspect the feeding, seating into the chamber and ejecting would require the standard length casing. The bullet could probably be shorter. Have not seen any offers to sell shorter 30-30 ammo. Perhaps a member with stellar ammo knowledge will bring some comments.
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No short loads available as for as I know. To gain one more round in a 6 shot tube you'd have to seat the bullet almost flush with the case mouth, causing feeding issues. It would also decrease case volume, so the powder charge would have to be reduced to prevent high chamber pressure.
Just curious, what are you doing that requires more than 7 shots? I rarely load more than 4 in mine, cause it's such a pain to load and unload. In 40 years of deer hunting I've never needed more.

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No loads commercial available short enough for what you want, as redryder indicated the short rounds would not function with out modifications.
Curious as why you want the extra round
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