Winchester 1873 ammo question

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Hi all,
Just purchased and awaiting my new 1873 in .357/.38 spl. My question is what is the best ammunition to run through my gun. Have read a lot of conflicting reports about PSI and FPM vs loads etc. A newbie who just wants to plink around maybe do some cowboy action shooting I would love to hear from anybody who has knowledge of what is the best grain/maker or type I should run through this gun. Cant find an owners manuel on Winchester sight for this model as I believe its fairly new this year.

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mine seems to really prefer 158gr JSP, with 158gr JHP 2nd over lighter slug loads.
haven't tried the "proper" pure lead slugs for it yet.......hard to find, may have to get a reload setup for this..............
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Welcome to the Winchester Owners Forum tetris !!

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I recently got one too, and have run Remington 38 sp, black hills 357 158 gr, and a box of Hornaday leverevolution in it. All ran very well.
I have read and agree that you should only use 38 that is 1.430" or so or longer, as the might not cycle well.
The Remington green/white box is measuring 1.520" ish and runs flawlessly in it! Winchester boxes I checked were way under 1.370" so I didn't buy them.
PostPosted: Wed Feb 25, 2015 12:49 pm
Thanks for the insight Tom !

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I just received my 1873 too. On the Winchester site it states that to properly break in the barrel I should "Use jacketed bullets with a nitro powder load" for the first 10 shots. I wrote Winchester asking "Can you give me a Winchester ammunition recommendation?" and they sent me this lame response "Answer:
Winchester licenses the Winchester name to Browning for the manufacture and distribution of Winchester brand rifles and shotguns. For more information on Winchester Guns call (800) 333-3288 or (801) 876-2711 or go to For international Winchester gun inquiries call 32 (0)4 240 52 11 or go to or e-mail".
So, if anyone has a recommendation on the ammo I should use to break in my barrel, I would appreciate it.


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