What causes "flyers"?

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Hello everyone,
I have a new large loop 1892 in 44 mag. I just took it to the range for first time this week, and noticed something peculiar about this one cartridge. I was at an indoor range, and close distance - approx. 18 yards. I would get two hits touching right on the bullseye, and then one would be 4" up and/or 4" to the right. This phenomena happened twice.

Just for additional information.... I was shooting three types of cast lead (commercial) cartridges - two 240gn and one 200gn. Both 240gn were hitting about 1" to the right and 1" down. They were both within an inch of each other very consistently. The 200gn were the ones with the "flyers". One more bit of information - the 200gn cartridges were ones I had "cycled" out on three occasions so I could test/work the action.

Could the cycling of the cartridges caused the flyers? Or are flyers common? I am hoping they were related to the cycling because the rest were right on the bullseye.
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Sounds like you answered your own question...
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"...'cycled' out on three occasions..." Does that mean each round was chucked three times or more simply that 3 successive rounds were chucked?

"...were within an inch of each other very consistently..." How many times was this noticed? How many total bullets were fired to determine this?

Did you check the lead on those cycled rounds? It is very possible that they were deformed in the "chucking" process. It is predictable that they would be reloaded into the magazine randomly, such that two or three of the cycled rounds in a row would hit not only off bullseye but also all over the target. Still, a two or three round "test" is insignificant as the statistical population is far too small.

Go back with 30 or 40 cycled rounds, cycled as you did before, and shoot all of these lighter bullets in 3 and 5 shot groups. Maybe that is a waste of time and ammunition, but it will give you a better understanding for cycled ammo and practice always makes perfect.
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Sounds like your rifle really does not like that load. Try it again without all the cycle testing and my guess is it will still do the same thing. A powder charge that puts two or three rounds close or touching then scatters the rest of 5 is close to working but still not quite right for that particular rifle. Don't worry about where on the paper the group lands , you can move that with a sight adjustment.How the load groups is what is important not where it lands. Get a good solid rest and pay attention to how you squeeze the trigger . If you do that and you still get flyers several inches out of your group don't buy any more of that ammo.

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