Hollow points for 30-30 ?

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Hi guys.
I went to Wal-Mart the other day to pick up some WW 150 grain power points for my 30-30. I bought 150 grain hollow points by mistake. The store has a no return policy on ammo, and it was my mistake, so I'm stuck with it. I am concerned about loss of penetration with the hollow point on hits to bone. Has anyone had experience hunting with the hollow points? Should I hunt with it or keep it for target practice?

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With a normal round point you break bones. With a hollow point it will fragment. If the energy is sufficient at the distance you shooting it will break bones too. What rifle are you shooting? If it's a lever gun try the Hornady LeverEvolution. I use them in my 94 and they're deadly accurate.

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Thanks for the reply, that's what I was thinking. I'll take them to the range and see how they group. If they group well I'll keep them and shoot just behind the leg through the heart-lung area.
I haven't tried the LeverEvolutions yet, I shoot a post '64 model 94 with a 20" barrel, most shots under 75 yards, rarely over 100.

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Just to add, they aren't really hollow points in the traditional sense but they do look like it. The hollow end is from the machining process.

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Update, I went to the range today and tried the hollow points. I put up 2 targets, shot the power points at one and the hollow points at the other. The hollow points grouped about 2 inches higher than the power points, and the groups were larger. My gun seems to like the power points better, so I will be sticking with them this coming deer season.
I'll give the hollow points to my son, maybe his Marlin will like them better than my Winnie does.
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Interesting research trucker. Actually launching the rounds and comparing them by hits/groups is as scientific as you will ever need. Thanks for this report.
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Another +1 for LeverEvolution. They have a polymer tip and are accurate to 200+ yds.
Previously unheard of in a model 94.

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