Winchester 62A cartridges will not feed - Carrier Problem -

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I have been working with a Winchester 62A _ Year Model 1939.
(the fore grip is a replacement ... owner wanted the larger flat bottom one as opposed to the small one that came on this model)

Have the 62A redone ... stock refinished, new blue, all of the action parts cleaned and polished. Had to add the keeper pin in the take down screw ... OEM one was missing.





Everything works great. Action works smooth and tight.

The problem is it will not feed a round. The problem has been diagnosed but I just don't know what the fix is.

The Carrier is not going all the way down when the rifle is cycled back. The Carrier mechanism does not bottom out. It stays up a fraction of an inch - 1/64th or less. But it stays up far enough the the round will not feed in.

I can reach in from the top with a thin punch with the bolt slid slightly backward and push the Carrier down a very short travel and it clicks in place down. The round will now feed when it is cycled again. But only this time then it resumes it non feed mode.

Need some advice from a Winchester guru ... thanks in advance.
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Love the tiger wood stock or so it seems. Very nice overall to.

Just a suggestion, maybe not a fix though. Disassemble again and reassemble with particular attention to how parts are placed and carrier seats during reassemble. Check for a burr or such impeding the carrier. A parts schematic might help.
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I agree with Redryder, also look for a spec of dirt. I have a very similar rifle in WRF and the mechanisms are simple but a little burr or dirt can be the issue. Also look at the keeper pin,it should not be the problem but it is the only difference in what you describe.

Nice looking rifle!
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