Mule Deer With An Original 1894 Takedown 32-40

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Chasing these critters around with old guns and iron sights makes the hunt more worthwhile. I spent the morning spotting for deer and seeing a few. I did get within range of a nice 4 point, but he took off at the last second and went around a hill.

I followed where he went, got distracted and had to go back in search of him. I found this buck bedded and snuck up on him from the downwind side to about 100 yards. I stuck the rifle over the ridge, he caught the movement and stood up. I shot him through the heart and liver with a 180 grain grease groove round nose bullet...


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Welcome back shrapnel.

That us a monster buck. Have you weighed him?

I am with you and the early guns with iron sights.
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Nice buck especially done with a .32 40
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