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Is the 30/30 a sufficient black bear rifle, within the 50 yard range??
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Here's an interesting link.

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The 30 30 is probably one of the finest black bear cartridges up here. In Alberta,.
Guides use them all the time. Load with your favorite 170gr bullet and pound away.

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Yes, it will do the job.

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I would say that one well placed round from a 30-30 at 50 yards would kill a bear. I believe the size of the bear is an issue, but a well placed round can kill a big bear as well as a smaller one. From what I have read and told by successful bear hunters, a young bear makes for better meat, less than 2 years old. So if putting bear meat in the freeze is your goal, a small bear is in order. If you are after one of the very large bears that have been taken in PA the last couple of years (over 700 lbs) I would feel safer with a Big Bore, such as a 45-70.

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