New Waterfowl Load from Hevi-Shot called Speed Ball

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Hey gang,

In the other forum I posted up a thread showing a new load that will be out in stores starting in July called SPEED BALL by Hevi-Shot. I'll post it up again so everyone can check it out, and know a little about it when the time comes to gear up for the season ahead


Here is a cut-away of the shell. It has three major innovations:

1. Speed Ball? ? an elastomeric ball in the base of the wad that accelerates pellets without boosting chamber pressures (patent pending).

2. MV? pellet that sits in the base of the shell ? copper-clad, steel-core pellets that are Heavier Than Steel? but with a soft, dense outer copper layer fuzed to the steel, metallurgically. This gives us about 22 times the copper thickness of copper-plated lead or steel; you just can't get this kind of copper thickness without the proprietary technology we're using. The copper raises the density of the pellet. Patent pending. Copper plating puts a copper coating on the pellet that is roughly 1/6 of the thickness of a sheet of paper.

3. HEVI-Shot layer on top. 6 existing patents.

So we use the layer technology of HEVI-Metal, the density of Heavier Than Lead? and Heavier Than Steel?, and the new Speed Ball? technology to get really fast speeds safely.

The benefits to the hunter:

Higher pellet counts in the 30-inch circle than you get with HEVI-Shot.

Nearly matches the lethal energy of HEVI-Shot, pellet size for pellet size, out to 60 yards (but far exceeds the energy of anything else).

Cheaper than HEVI-Shot, more than $1/shell cheaper.

Product Pellet Speed (fps) Pellets in 30" Circle Energy (ft-lbs)

At 40 yards

12-ga., 3", 1.25 oz BB 1635 90 886

12-ga., 3:, 1.25 oz 1 1635 120 808

12-ga., 3:, 1.25 oz 3 1635 167 722

12-ga., 3:, 1.25 oz 5 1635 245 630

The product will also come in 12-ga., 3.5", 1.5 oz, 1650 fps rounds in BB, 1, 3, and 5.
Chad H

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