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Winchester rifles have a history deeply rooted in the late 1800's. I have loved that era, growing up playing with guns and watching westerns on TV. I try to accumulate western memorabilia as well. Pocket watches are a part of that. I have this Elgin solid gold watch which I wear to a Cowboy Shoot or special occasion.

It is a 17 jewel hunter case with a box hinge. The face is porcelain with sculpted hands and embossed numerals. The chain is 14K gold as well with the elk Ivories I got out of my first elk. The silver dollar is one I kept since I was a kid. The frame it is mounted in is an 18K gold pocket watch frame I found in a dump near an abandoned homestead...


This is the elk that donated the ivories...



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I like pocket watches for some reason they dont work for me!!!!!!!!
I just dont have any luck with any of them :evil:
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Endearing post- My Dad was a watchmaker. This post made reminded me of him- he was a master and he particularly loved pocket watches. I recently acquired a 1918 model 12 (s/n165293). The "old stuff" flips my switch... Maybe because of the late nights I spent watching my Dad at the bench. I don't know, I gravitated to aviation. A&P mechanic and pilot getting close to hanging it up myself, and always thanking Dad for that "innate" mechanical ability that provided me with a love and a living. Now I'll have more time to spend with the stuff that always interested me on the periphery... I can forsee a beautiful relationship with this "old "model 12".
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Until May 2014 my watch collection, pocket and wrist, was 100. I thinned the herd to 30 by auction.

My favorite is this 1921 Elgin 21 jewel hunter with a young unknown in a sailor suit on the inside back.
elgin 1921 (2).jpg
elgin 1921 (2).jpg (17.01 KiB) Viewed 1143 times
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elgin 1921 (3).jpg (19.61 KiB) Viewed 1143 times
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Real nice watches...
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Thanks SHOOTER. Revived an old thread. Perhaps there are other collecters.

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