Magpul UBR Collapsible Stock Review

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The Magpul UBR (Utility / Battle Rifle), U.S. Patent 6651371, is a fully-featured, adjustable butt stock for the AR15/M16. Unlike typical collapsing stocks, this modular design offers the stability of a fixed stock with consistent cheek weld in any position. Seven-position length-of-pull (LOP) adjustment is quickly executed with gross motor movement while the integral preset system allows direct access to a preferred position. A robust lock mechanism and multi-shell construction increase durability under severe impact conditions experienced during malfunction clearing and accommodates large-bore AR calibers with ease. The UBR also provides extra counterbalance weight to improve handling on full-length rifles and weapons with muzzle-heavy accessories or bull-barrels. Optional components such as dual-side sling mounts and metal strike plate allow the UBR to adapt to the mission at hand.

Optional Colors

Flat Dark Earth
OD Green

Suggested Retail: $265

Made in U.S.A.



•Mounts on durable Entry Receiver Extension tube (included) to accomodate the common M4 carbine buffer and spring
•7-Position LOP adjustability with customizable preset system for fast access to preferred length
•Multi-shell construction provides solid foundation and shields critical operating parts from penetration damage
•Solid "fixed stock" lockup in all positions
•Enhanced lock mechanism w/ integral impact buffer increases drop strength and shock resistance
•Repositionable cheek piece accommodates users requiring extra eye-relief
•Stout construction provides counterbalance weight for improved weapon balance and handling
•Sling Mounts
◦Front / Rear - Single-side push-button QD sling mount sockets (Left-Right Reversible)
◦Bottom - 1.25" Sling loop


Included Accessories

•Storage Module (Left-Right Reversible / Removable)
•Rubber Butt-Pad, 0.30" (Removable)
Optional Accessories* •Extended Rubber Butt-Pad, 0.55"
•Enhanced Rubber Butt-Pad, 0.70"
•Aluminum Strike Plate w/ 1.25" sling loop
•Dual-side push-button QD Sling Mount Sockets


•UBR Collapsible Butt Stock (w/ Rubber Butt-Pad, 0.30")
◦Weight, Stock: 1.46 lb.
◦Weight, w/ Entry Receiver Extension: 1.63 lb.
◦Length, Stock: 8.00-11.36 in.
◦LOP Adjustment: 7-Position (0.56 in. / position)
◦LOP Adjustment Range: 3.36 in.
◦LOP, Collapsed (M4/M16): 11.10 in.
◦LOP, Extended (M4/M16): 14.46 in.

NOTE: The UBR includes the necessary Entry-Length Receiver Extension tube and all mounting hardware. An M4 carbine buffer and spring are required for use with the UBR and are not included.
7.62x51 ARs may require the use of a custom short buffer and spring.

*Standard Rubber Butt-Pad, 0.30" weight: 0.08 lb. Optional Extended Rubber Butt-Pad, 0.55" weight: 0.11 lb. Optional Enhanced Butt-Pad, 0.70" weight: 0.13 lb.

** Description, Features, and Specs from Magpul:
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I chose the Magpul UBR for my latest AR build. I wanted something a bit more stable than a traditional collapsible stock, but with the option of length of pull adjustments. The UBR fit the bill perfectly. Its design offers a fixed cheek weld while still allowing for seven positions of LOP adjustment. The UBR also offers the option of a preset LOP position so when extended, the stock reaches the perfect length every time.


Picked mine up at JoeBob Outfitters for $254.95, ... ag-330.htm.

I ran a 10" quad-rail on this midlength build which added a bit more weight to the front of the rifle. The UBR is more robust than other collapsible stocks and the extra bit of weight was perfect to counter balance the added weight of the quad-rail. There is an optional trap-door storage compartment in the stock that can be reversed to open from either side or can be removed completely.


One of my favorite features of the UBR is that it comes with its own integrated buffer tube assembly. This eliminates the need for a separate buffer tube, latch plate, or castle nut.


Installation is as simple as turning a screwdriver and the end result is one highly adjustable, well balanced AR...


I couldn't be happier with the quality and performance of this stock. I highly recommend the Magpul UBR to anyone looking for a quality upgrade to a standard collapsible stock.
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Awesome appraisal of a battle proven vendor...thanks !!
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Yes Sir,

I find myself looking to Magpul quite often when it comes to my builds or add-on accessories. An advantage of their experience in the field is that their products just make so much sense...
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I need one of them
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