clay shooting from a wheelchair

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Hi, am fairly new to clay shooting. Have recently bought a sx3 field which I love, was wondering if there were any more of you out there shooting from a chair and maybe any tips??
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hey hows it going and welcome to Winchester Owners we are glad you have chosen to be a part our community. I myself have a SX3 and i don't know about you but it is one of my favorite guns to shoot. let me see if i can find some videos of clay shooting from a chair that might help you.

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I have a good friend that is ranked a Master Sporting Clays shooter and he lost his leg above the knee and he now gets around station to station using a modified Golf cart and a walker and he shoots from his chair at each of them. He continues to shoot in tournaments and he wins his share of them. I find him inspiring and I am sure he would be happy to give you information.
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Welcome to the Winchester Owners Forum kiwipaul !!
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Welcome to the WO forum
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kiwipaul wrote:Hi, am fairly new to clay shooting. Have recently bought a sx3 field which I love, was wondering if there were any more of you out there shooting from a chair and maybe any tips??

Welcome to the forum.

I'm glad to see that you don't let the chair keep you from shooting.

I have a shooting friend who is in a chair and he is more active in the shooting community than most folks not in a chair. He not only shoots in many competitions, but is a CCW instructor, has been a car dealer, restaurant owner, substitute teacher and Lowes Hardware store Employee...

I love shooting with him and seeing the doubt on others faces as he stages and get ready to put in work. Their faces quicky turn from whatever there were to surprise and respect... He gets it done. He puts in a lot of time practicing and honing his skills. It has truly paid off!!!

So, good luck brother. The only tip I really have is experiment and find what works for you and Practice, practice, practice..
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Hello smullen, thanks for posting. Site is drying up. I am commenting to most all posts now in hopes of getting activity back.
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I am always inspired by shooters who overcome any difficulties and then shoot on an absolutely equal basis. The shooting sports are one of the few pastimes that can be enjoyed irrespective of gender, age, colour or creed, disability or politics. I recall a few years back when we over the pond were allowed handguns, that my club held an annual competition in aid of a talking books for the blind charity. The president of the charity, who always presented the prizes often commented that the mix of people taking part were the broadest cross section of society, from all walks of life, and he was greatly impressed with their skill and interaction. Watching the friendly banter and deep concentration of all, he observed with interest the competitive spirit that pervades the sport. He also was very aware that the folk his charity represented were the one group unable to take part. All others were equal, long may it be so!
Keep shooting from your chairs or whatever you need, more power to you!

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