New Guy Here just got a 101 Field

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Hello All
Just picked up a very low use (many 100 rounds thru) 101 Field model Belgian-made 2013 was bought in 2015 at gander mountain have invoice was $1699. plus, gave her a great cleaning and frog lube looks great now
paid $650.00 with 250 rounds and the 3 chokes, wrench and box
Looks to be a good deal

Would like to use it for Sporting clays need to pick up some EXTENDED chokes
and was thinking of having it Mag-na-port / Pro ported, and add a Champion EasyHit fiber sight, case?

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Extended ported chokes might save you some money and save the gun from a costly decline in the guns value either way happy shooting

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I'm by no means an experienced shotgunner but I do have access to a highly appreciated scribe that has definite opinions on the matters you list. First off at $650 I think you stole the gun, just my opinion. As for fiber optic sights - if you're doing it right you will not use a front sight of any flavor. NONE of my clay bird guns has a front sight. BTW I'm an old guy - 71 - and can shoot 65% on about any clay bird game. Next, porting and back boring is a modification best left to nationally ranked shooters who shoot a high volume of ammo; say in the 5 figure and up range. The average guy can't tell any difference and is better off investing the money in ammo and maybe a lesson or two. It's your money, just do your due diligence before you plunk down the greenbacks. ;)
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