Problem Winchester Shells in my Model 101

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Hi all...I just purchased an early 80's vintage Model 101 12GA XTR Lightweight. It seems to be in fantastic condition and I can't wait to chase some chukars starting this Saturday. However, I ran into a problem this AM when shooting it for the first time. I picked up a case of 10 boxes of Winchester Super X Heavy Game load (Upland and Small Game) 12 GA shells (light grey box) from Cabelas and went out to pattern the gun. After shooting the first two the barrel would not open easily and the empties failed to eject. I assumed there was a problem with the ejectors as it happened two more times. So off to the shop where I bought the gun. The gunsmith polished the bores and after test firing, found that the gun did not like these particular shells. Somehow the base was expanding slightly and locking up the ejector rod from moving freely into the eject position. He fired some other brand shells and they ejected fine. I came home and threw a couple "Estate" brand shells in and they ejected fine. My understanding is that you can't return shotgun shells. True? That sucks.

I just thought I'd give a heads-up and wondered if anyone else has had this problem. ??
PostPosted: Wed Sep 12, 2012 9:35 pm
Welcome to the Winchester Owners Forum Birdy !!

I never experienced this problem in any of my shotguns...with that brand of ammo.

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