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I have an original 1885 High Wall made in 1892 (I think). It is a 38-55. The barrel is poor and I dont shoot it any longer.

The bug bit me recently and I decided to get a new 45-70 1885 Traditional Hunter.

All in all it is nice, and the action seems tight. Big difference and truly isn't even in the same category of the original when comparing craftsmanship. But very nice nonetheless.

I was surprised at how light it was. But it seems fast handling.

Big disappointment in Winchester's attention to detail. When the rear flip up peep is deployed you cannot see the rear barrel mounted buckhorn. I had to remove the rear buckhorn sight.

I think I am going to enjoy this rifle.

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:D Hi Grizzly.........The '85s are a great rifle.....I had a very early 32-40 in the Hi-Wall and
like a fool I sold it to a friend :cry: Some day I'll find one to build!! Ol Deuce
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Hello grizzly, welcome to the forum. The barrel can be reamed and fitted with a chrome insert. By using an insert, all the barrel etchings remain as is. Insert worked great with a 1873 I once owned. Mine was a true lead slinger. The rifling was gone. Bullet usually pinged the target sidewise.
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Welcome to the Winchester Owners Forum !!

Enjoy the forum.

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redryder wrote: Bullet usually pinged the target sidewise.

:lol: that's funny

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