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I bought a Sears Ted Williams 30-30 Model 100 this fall. Ser.. No. V72441. I would like to know when it was made. Hoping someone here can help. Thanks in advance.

Copper BB
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PostPosted: Fri Feb 26, 2021 7:20 am
Hello black1970,

Could I ask you some questions about your Model 100?
1. Does the link connect with a Pin, or a Screw? (I'm guessing a screw)
2. Does it have a Hollow, or Solid Lever/Link Pin? (I'm guessing solid)
3. Does it have a Steel, or Plastic Butt plate? (I'm guessing plastic)
4. Does it have a Nickel Plated or a Blued Loading Gate? (I'm guessing blued)
5. Does it have a Stamped, or Cast Carrier? (I'm guessing cast)
6. On the Lower Tang, is there just the single Screw, or are there Three Screws Visible? (I'm guessing 3)
7. What is the Number stamped on the Barrel? (I'm guessing 273.532140)
8. What is the Serial Number on the Receiver? (You already told us V72441)
This is a survey I put together and occasionally work on,
my goal is to put a timeline on Sears Lever Actions.
I would say with much certainty that your Model 100 was built between 1972 & 1978.
If you private message me with your email, I can send you my documentation.


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