Need help identifying a M70

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New guy here, looking for some help identifying a M70. I have a M70 30 06 that is in a laminated factory stock, checkered, has a blued action and a SS barrel. The barrel is 20" and is marked "Lightweight" . It has the hinged floorplate, push feed with jeweled bolt. I have studied the blue book of gun values and cannot find anything that matches it.

The nearest thing I come up with is the Coyote except the book says that has a 24" medium heavy barrel and non checkered stock.

Trying to attach a photo but it was too big so resized and now it is saying board attachment quota has been reached.
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Try here for info by serial number:

As far as pictures...the max size for this forum is 500x500 pixels...try resizing them to that factor.

If your software cannot handle that...use a free image hosting site like IMGUR to resize the photos

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