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Was at the local pawn shop and spotted a M70 30/06 on the rack, priced at $449. Figured it was a post 64 but when I examined it was a controlled feed action #659166. Stock was a straight comb with a cheek piece and red pad (didn't think to look if it was marked Win.)

Barrel was ported about 1/2 in from the muzzle with round hole type ports and there was no indication it ever had open sights. Barrel contour seemed to match the std weight rifle, not the FTW and was marked Win so suspect it is factory, not an aftermarket.

All the pre-64 I have seen had sights and the boss on the barrel for a rear sight, so not sure what this really was.

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Pictures would be a great help, but probably not practical as it's not in your possession. I would suspect it's cobbled together with aftermarket barrel and stock, but that's not carved in stone. Many pre-64 actions have been used as a base for a "custom" rifle.

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Perhaps a late reply, but one particularly worth posting.
The serial number you reflect is totally ersatz. Either perhaps an altered number, completely replaced or simply a total counterfeit gun. One common counterfeit is to simple add a beginning or ending digit to the existing original serial. In your situation, highly unlikely since the result in in a ranged never produced. Win pre 64 serial numbers ended at Sn 581471. New Post 64 serial numbers started at an even 700,000. Only a stupid forger to make such alteration.
As indicated in krag96, good pix useful. However also complete data from the gun as chambering barrel length exact barrel nomenclature (it varied by era).
If you purchased this gun. Perhaps to strongly consider requesting a refund. Likely a stolen, altered SN gun. Even if not, likely few dealers would buy it. Fundamental, widely known data to those. Particularly to pros in the trade, easy "due diligence" research capability. If return not allowed, to call ATF with your suspicions and leave it to them. Likely a full refund to ensue and that just the beginning of sellers problems! As a generality. Need to get such ersatz guns off the market. Also the final note, once determined such problem exists, likely hazardous to fire such rifle without complete gunsmith check out. A big red flag with this rife!
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Another late comment, what about a post '64 "classic" controlled feed? I have a red pad super grade with no sights nor boss which matches the description. I don't know about the serial no. issue though.
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Didn't buy it, already have a pre-war that is to heavy to use as I have arthritis and handling anything heavy is out of the question. There was a note on the sales tag that said it was made in 1972 and that date caught my attention since it was the pre 64 style controlled feed action.

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