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Hello all, my first post and my first Winchester, its a Model 70 Coyote in .243win, brown laminated stock, stainless barrel. I don't have it in my hands yet so I don't have the serial number but from what I've found online it was made in 2002 or 03(?). I have the dies, brass and powders and was wondering about thoughts on bullet weight and any knowledge on this rifle. Thank you- 3G

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First Winchester congrats
The first question is always what is the bullets purpose target varmint or hunting as designs of bullets are different
The next question is what is your barrels rate of twist yours should be 1-9 inches on that model just remember you can't over spin a bullet but you can surely under spin one so select a bullet design that fits your application and a weight that your barrel is capable of spinning​ stable hope my quick answer helps
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Congrats and welcome
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