Newbie - Model 70 ~ 1972, New - Never Fired

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Hi. New here.

My father inlaw gave me his never fired, 1972 Model 70 - in 30-06. Looking forward to getting it rigged for hunting. Took me awhile to register on the site so I moved in a direction with scope and mounts already.

I bought a Leupold 3x9x40 scope with Leupold mounts (# 50045 ) and Leupold medium rings ( # 49916 ).

I'm hoping that this will allow for the lowest mount while allowing room for the 40mm lens. Will this work ? Still waiting for rings to come in mail.

Also, does the back iron sight have to come off to mount the scope ?

Lastly, what type of performance can I expect from this gun ? I have one other 30-06, a 1959, but mint Savage 110 that is a great, accurate gun - but has a original Weaver 3X. I was hoping the 3-9x new scope would make the Winchester my new go to.

Lastly, what ammo do these guns like to knock a white tail down cleanly at 100 - 150 yards. I've never shot anything past 100 yards as I usually hunt in the brush, but I do like how cleanly a 30-06 gets the job done. And, I like the bolt over my lever actions.

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Hi and welcome. .30-06 is an excellent deer caliber. I would try different loads ranging from 150 to 180 grains, and see what groups best in your gun. 150 grain is my favorite bullet weight for deer, but 180s group best in my sons rifle, so uses them. I can't answer your scope mounting questions, you'll probably have to wait 'till your mount and rings arrive and try them. Good luck!
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abl1111 welcome to Winchester therapy.

You did good with acquiring the '72 30-06. I don't have answers to your concerns. However, as trucker advised, hang on until you have all the scope parts in hand. They might satisfy your scope concerns.
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Welcome to this forum, participate and enjoy!
I can't help with the scope mount and trucker gave sound advice foe that.
I use 165 gr. Sierra GK for deer as the 165 s are very accurate in my 1937 M 70 and they have knocked the stuffing out of all I have shot.
As far as accuracy goes your new rifle should be on par with your Savage though it may require some experimenting with Brands and bullet weights. Good Luck,have fun and Be Safe!
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