Sold my Pre-war

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 19, 2019 4:28 pm
Finally decided to let it go, just too heavy to handle with my arthritis. Wasn't perfect, or correct, so sold it cheap. Buyer did not want the B&C synthetic stock so will post it in the for sale section. Was sad to see the old girl go, she gave me a lot of enjoyment on the range and put a lot of meat in the freezer but had to be realistic, comes a time you have to let go.

Years ago I bought the new controlled feed M70 FWT made in South Carolina in 243. This one is accurate, attractive, works smoother than any bolt gun I have ever owned and is light enough I can still handle it. So even with one gone life is still good.

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Sorry to hear of your loss but I will say, if S.C. M 70 shoots like mine, a .325 WSM, you shouldn't miss. They are very nice rifles as you noted.
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My condolence Rich. Seller remorse will fade over time. I have survived several over the years.

Good that you are well pleased with the 70.
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