SuperGrade Cross-Bolt Assembly

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I purchased by SG M70 7mm-08 in Dec of 2019. After my first two shooting sessions, I noticed that the crossbolt appeared to have backed-out from the stock hole. When I analyzed one side of the crossbolt assembly, I found that the left side Allen hex hole was slightly damaged. I contacted Winchester customer service and talked to Matt. Matt said it was no problem and while online he forward me to the parts department. I talked to a woman in the parts department but I did not write down her name. I told her my story and asked to order an engraved crossbolt assembly for my newly purchased Supergrade. She told me that the engraved crossbolt would require me sending the rifle back to Winchester. She said that a gunsmith is required to create the engraved crossbolt. I told her it was silly to send in my rifle for a crossbolt that I would find another source and order one myself. I went online and thought I found a source. The engraved bolt that came is was the screw side of the assembly and not the sleeve side which I required. I tried another source online, in China, and my accound has been debited but I have yet to receive the crossbolt assembly. I believe that I have been taken.

Question: Do I really need to send my rifle back to Winchester to replace the engraved crossbolt? Is there another place that I can purchase the engraved crossbolt for my Winchester SuperGrade?

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I'd talk to the seller! Other than that I would send the stock to Winchester.
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