Recommendations on Cheek Weld/Comb raiser stock addons?

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I am looking for additional cheek weld height to better line up the scope image on my cheek. The scope is already mounted on tally low bases, Which match the look of the rifle well. so cannot be lowered further. After speaking to a few people they suggested considering a cheek raiser.

The Rifle is a M70 Jack O’Connor Tribute. I don’t want to drill the stock or implement any solutions that would permanently mare/modify or damage The rifle. But I am looking for something that will match its look and feel as much as possible. (Most likely something in black)

I have looked online for some solutions, but wanted to get your suggestions/recommendations on the best functional and best matched (in terms of looks) solution. I think the stock might be a little different to a standard M70, and it’s lore like the M70 super grade.

Here is a link to the rifle and a height res photo.

It would be great to hear your suggestions. ... ibute.html ... al.img.jpg

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