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I inherited my fathers Win. Mod 70 lightweight 30-06 a few years ago. I suspect it was made in the early 80s. My question is the stock is a laminated green color and not bad but I saw some very nice High Grade stocks that are for the feather weight version and wonder if these would fit my rifle?
I contacted the seller and they did not know if they are interchangeable.

Thank you!
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If the seller of the product doesn't could we hazard a guess ?

You give us no point of reference...
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Be careful with Short Action (SA) and Long Action (LA) Mod 70 Featherweight stocks, which are NOT interchangable. There are sites on-line that demark the difference, mostly inletting of the magazine well and the location of the recoil lug. Long Action stocks are, of course, longer in both of those two critical positions than the Short Action stocks. There will be no amount of "wood working on the furniture" to make an SA stock fit an LA rifle or vice versa.
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It is a long action 1985 built rifle. I owned one and unfortunately sold it! Never should have done that!

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