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First off I am new here and would like to go ahead and Thank everyone for the replies in advance. I recently picked up a new to me and almost new condition Model 70 Super Grade. I can find very little on the net about the particular rifle so thought I would ask here. The rifle is a 300 Win Mag with 26" barrel and target crown, it was made in 2008, It has Special Limited Edition 1 of 250 on the receiver, the rifle also has a gold ring at the muzzle and gold on the barrel at the receiver and on the receiver, on the floor plate it has an engraved elk scene and Model 70 Super Grade. Has anyone seen or heard of this particular rifle? If so any ideas as to what the value would be in just about mint condition? I can find several rifles that are limited edition but I can find none that are special limited edition.

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As far as your question...I will leave the reply to the Model 70 experts.

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I'm not an expert but have seen a model 70 like you describe. I recall the one I saw was advertised as a Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation (RMEF) special edition.
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It is not an RMEF Edition Rifle. If it did the RMEF would be clearly labeled.

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Your rifle was a special Edition Super Grade honoring the return of the Model 70 when FN took over. The NewHaven Plant closed in 2006. This rifle was made only in 300 Win. Mag with 26 inch barrel. It is in my opinion one of the truly classic Model 70s. If I owned it I would not sell it in my lifetime. I passed on it as the caliber was pretty aggressive but it is a collector’s item but if I owned it I would hunt with it. My interest is in Hunting Rifles and I don’t hunt anything requiring that hard a hit. But some Rocky Mountain Elk Hunters do and that is why the art work on the rifle was developed.

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