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PostPosted: Fri Mar 02, 2018 6:55 pm
I have a model 70 red butt pad Sporter that I would like to find out when it was made. I am familiar with the Winchester dating chart but cannot make sense of the serial number on my rifle. Mine is a G364XXX. I don't see a number sequence even close to that on the chart. Can anyone help? Thanks Adam

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Welcome Adam
I can surely help you pictures would be the easiest way but here is a possibility for the low numbers on a g prefix
In 1971 federal law required Winchester to assign the G prefix to all pre 64 receivers sold from the parts inventory sounds like the gun could have been sent in for repair

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If the oval pw proof mark stamp is on the left side of the receiver and barrel it could possibly be an older one if it's on top of the barrel and receiver it's much newer

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I have a Winchester Model 70 Sporter with a red butt pad, and previously owned one with one in Model 70 Lightweight, both of those are 1985 built, I am not aware of red butt pads after the Mew Haven Plant closed except for the Cabela’s Anniversary models of which I have one from 2014 as Super Grade Featherweight in .257. Have you contacted any other forums? Morgan Utah has no official records at all. The only place I know that has much for records is Cody Wyoming but only for high end commeratives.Mr 70s Post is the best information I know of.

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