1987 model 70 identification

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PostPosted: Sun Jun 17, 2018 8:04 pm
Hey all,

I recently purchased a model 70 in .243 from a pawn shop. I got it for what I thought was a pretty decent deal -- $375.

The stock is a little dinged and some finish is warn, but it's going to be my predator gun / youth rifle to borrow out. The thing is the stock is shorter than my pre 64 feather weight and it had a blind magazine. The barrel looks to be the same length as the featherweight -- 22 inches. Is this a special youth rifle? The rifle has some nice checkering and it looks like the bolt was jeweled at one point. Barrel just says model 79 243 and it is a serial number G107XXXX

Anyone know what model rifle this is?


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PostPosted: Thu Jun 21, 2018 12:26 am
Uploaded pictures directly. So it looks to be real cut checkering, and has a pachmayr pad. I haven't been able to find any model 70 varrients with a similar set up. I'm thinking it is either a cut down featherweight or a ranger with a after market stock, but the blind magazine is throwing me off. Maybe it is a 670 with replacement barrel off a standard 70? Any info would be appreciated. I'm thinking I want to get a replacement full sized stock because the length is a little awkward for me and my wife since we're on the taller side of average. ImageImageImageImageImage

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Well, the only thought I have from the pics. Somewhere back in ownership, customization surgery was performed. From which model? No way to tell that I know of without a letter matching the SN, or knowing the original owner. Looks really dandy. Probably one-of-a-kind now.
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