Win 70 year of manufacture?

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I tried an old Winchester 70 last week, we started a discussion when it was made.

The serial number G145902, from the pdf I found on Winchester's website it would be made 1969?
but the action is pre-64 with cotrolled feed etc.

Is it a pre-64? I guess so
When then is the year of production? did WIn produce pre-64 as late as 1969?

Best regards Johan
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PostPosted: Tue Jul 31, 2018 7:00 am
with great help from I got the answer.
arround 1990 Winchester started to run the manufacturing of Winchester 70 Classic, which pretty much is close to the pre-64. Win also restarted the serial numbers and began to use the G prefix again. The rifle I was asking about was made 1995./ Regards
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Glad you located the needed info and posted.

Welcome to site.
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