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I picked up a 20 gauge Model 12 that was mfg in 1949. Yup, there's some slop in a few places. I plan to shoot it on clays to see what isn't happy. Just wondered if any of you could comment on problems you've encountered with the older examples.
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I have 2 Winchester predecessors 1897s. A 1941 30" and a 1924 "Angola" 20". Love these survivors. No problems to date. The "Angola" is my home defense using Winchester PDX1 door busters. The racking sound is intimidating to any miscreant. Have never read a negative report toward the 12s.

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Buck if your "slop" is where the barrel and receiver join, there is a take up or adjustment nut on the barrel.
Enjoy your 20 ga. there great.
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I've decided to resurrect this old girl. Mechanicals are in the gun shop for a tune up, bolt and lifter plate jeweling and re blue. I also have new wood inbound. Should be a head turner when completed. I'll post pics when completed.
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