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I have a 1973 dated 9422. It belonged to a gentleman who spent his entire career at Olin corporation. When he died he passed his guns to his son, who I met they day he came to a LGS to sell them. I bought it from him. Gun is in like new condition with perfect bluing.However apon closer study it appears that the stock and forearm have been changed from the original soomth to checked stocks. Which seems crazy because the gun is so mint. Is it at all possible to find the original smooth stocks in New old stock condition? The condition of the checkered stocks is excellent and they look great, but I would rather have it original as from the factory. Also, How much do the changing of the stocks hurt the value? Thanks
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I'd have to agree with wanting to put it back to original, just for the look and feel of the smooth stocks.... I have 3 types of stocks on my rifles, the smooth gloss finish on my 1973 .22 S,L,LR and the checkered high gloss finish type on my 9422M XTR .22Mag. , and the checkered satin finish om my 9417 (17HMR). I really do prefer the plain non checkered type of stocks, although the others still look very nice.
As far as value goes... a rifle with original wood with light use in overall excellent condition is probably worth slightly more than if it has non-original "upgraded stocks". If you still had it in unfired condition but with non original stocks it would probably make a bigger difference.

Here'a a few places to try that are 9422 parts dealers for original winchester parts, you should be able to find stocks at one of these places.

Good luck with your search, keep us posted....

Midwest Gunworks
1101 Mason Circle Drive South
Pevely MO, 63070
Phone: 636-475-7300
Fax: 636-475-7303

Western Gun Part Limited
17324 106 A Avenue
Edmonton AB, T5S1E6
Phone: 780-489-5711
Fax: 780-489-5717

Midwest Gunworks
1101 Mason Circle Drive South
Pevely MO, 63070
Phone: 636-475-7300
Fax: 636-475-7303
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