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How many variations of this model were there? How many of each variation? All I've ever seen were chambered in 45-70; were there other chamberings?
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Winchester Hotchkiss rifles were manufactured between 1879 to 1889 in the following three caliber's :

6mm / 11mm / 45-70

There were three different models:

Hotchkiss First Model Rifles are identified by the circular knob safety and magazine cut off on the right side of the stock.

The knob weakened the stock, and was replaced by two levers atop the receiver on Hotchkiss Second Model Rifles. The Navy purchased 999 Second Model Rifles in 1880 and 1881; and Springfield Armory converted most of the Army First Model Rifles to Second Model Carbines.

A few rifles were manufactured for the Army with two piece stocks variously identified as the Model of 1883 or Third Model Hotchkiss Rifles.

The Navy rifles remained in service until replaced by the M1895 Lee Navy.

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Second model was offered in 40-65 Hotchkiss for 1 year

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