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A few years ago an escaped prisoner was caught in a local "One dog" town, that's the official story.
I just found out that apparently teams of our Armed Offender Squad (Swat) were camped at the local domain and using the town and environs for exercises.
They spotted the prisoner and without him being initially aware of his predicament they used him as a training tool.
Heavily armed crack units, special vehicles, helicopters and probably satellites as well.
All for one hapless criminal. :lol:
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OTJ (on the job) Training...gotta love it.

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The little one dog town in my story is so small that it doesn't even have a pub, but they get all the exiting visitors.
My wife worked at their quarry when an army platoon set up camped at the same domain. Their assignment was to harass a much larger contingent, parked up about 75km away.
The locals adopted these girls and boys and looked after them.
The platoon "Borrowed" a quarry dump truck and hid inside the high sided back tray, using the civilian vehicle as disguise they drove into the middle of the oppositions camp and shot them up.
Got to support the under dogs !

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