Winchester Model 50 20ga Pigeon Grade Thierry Duguet Plate 4

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here we have my M50 20ga pigeon grade thierry duguet plate 4, 3 bbl set with gold inlays. the engraved bbls are 26" skeet/28"mod/28"full with gold wash filler. all three are round post ribs. the receiver is properly marked PIGEON. the carrier and bolt are jeweled as well as the recoil op rod. the wood is correct factory winchester aa select pigeon grade with a 14 1/4 lop over a red winchester retro pad. a period buttplate has also been fitted to the stock for a 13 3/4" lop. in order for the pad to be fitted, the hollow cavity inside the stock had to be filled and blocked for the pad screw to catch wood. the grip is a full horn and cut thin for small hands. the gun was at one time a pachmyar 28ga conversion gun, but didnt function well. the original owner had it converted back to 20ga. this is why youll note a pachmyar 20ga chamber with the unique chamber gas rings. the previous owner shared the fact that the original owner changed from pad to plate for seasonal use to fit his thick jacket up north. the original red rubber pad rotted and the retro pad was installed in the late 80's when galazan really made red replacement pads, not their current orange-red ones. about the same time the gun pad was replaced, thierry duguet was contracted to do a plate 4 on the gun. thierry was an up and coming engraver who found favor with winchester as a sub contract engraver for the the high grade super-x series guns for usra. thierry was eager to do this plate for the owner. it is well executed with gold outlines. though the gun is used, the gun has never been fired since being upgraded 3 decades ago. this is a one of a kind model 50. make it yours.

5000.00 firm.

3 day insp in ffl's shop ok. Refunds are based on if the item is returned in the exact condition it was sent. That includes the packaging. Buyer pays shipping and any other associated costs both ways if returned. Damaged items returned to me will not be refunded. I suggest you insure you items both ways. You must be of legal age. Modern guns are only shipped to an FFL, not a C&R or home address. `Thank you.`



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Well bobski, all I can say, is WOW nice piece.
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I cant believe no ones bought this rare gun yet...........

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