WTT: winchester model 50 bbls and stocks

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 01, 2018 8:27 am
I need the following:

1. a monte carlo 12ga wood set for a model 50. trap grade. must have original red rubber win pad.
2. a 12ga WS1 round post vr 26" bbl.
3. a set of 12ga win m50 PIGEON grade skeet wood. factory length w/ vertical Winchester logo buttplate.
4. a 12ga trap deflector chamber.

I will trade the following to achieve these needs:

1. a 26" 12ga WS1 square post vr bbl.
2. a 28" 12ga full round post vr bbl
3. a 30" 12ga plain full bbl.
4. and possibly complete guns, if you have all the items in one trade.

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