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Posts in this forum should only be for sale or trade of firearm equipment and services.

Direct advertising of any product and/or service on the Forums, in any other area than Marketplace forum, is strictly prohibited and the rules enforced. Members can advertise here only merchandise or services related to firearms. Marketplace is for Mossberg Owners members only.

Winchester Owners Forum ( share NO affiliation with the merchants posting equipment for sale or trade in this forum. This space is provided solely for the convenience of the users of At no point do we have possession of or control over any items listed or sold using Winchester Owners Marketplace.

Winchester Owners Forum ( will not be held liable for any misrepresentation, or fraud posted on this forum.

What this means in plain text is that:

* Forum does not verify buyer's/seller's credibility, honesty or intentions
* Forum does not reply to any queries about buyers/sellers, or help in case you have trouble. We do not give away any member information.
* Forum does not solve any problems in transactions.
* We take no part whatsoever in transactions, guarantees, payments, refunds, deliveries or returns

In even simpler terms:
You post an ad here. Forum's part in your business ends there.

By posting in the Marketplace forum you agree to all of above. Also, by posting in the Marketplace forum you agree that you remain solely responsible for the content of your messages, and you agree to hold harmless and indemnify the owners of the Winchester Owners Forum ( with respect to any claim based upon any transaction that you undertake with other members of this forum.

Winchester Owners Forum ( have the sole and exclusive rights to modify, delete, or make any use whatsoever both in the Forums and in any other location and medium, of all content posted to these Forums.

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