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The short version - my first Winchester, a Model 70 Super Grade Maple (.30-06) made it's way into my safe last Friday. I'm looking forward to learning a bit about the rifle and Winchesters in general.

The long version -
Several months ago, I saw a really, really good looking rifle on the wall at a LGS. I asked to handle it - it felt absolutely great. I read the tag with some curiosity, but wasn't really in the market at the time. To be honest, I'd heard some things concerning the old-new M70s that sort of left that rifle out of my usual realm of consideration. Still, it WAS gorgeous, and I'd check on it periodically.

Recently, I have been shrinking my armory down some - among those reductions, a CZ 550FS in 6.5x55 SKAN. A fine rifle, with a nice walnut stock, that I just didn't hardly ever shoot (I've got a K-31 to scratch the iron sight bolt action itch). I was doing some thinking about moving more towards a .30 cal based armory about this time. I was intrigued by the new M70 as a sort of Pre-64 tribute (probably just spoke some sort of heresy...sorry). I'm not that old, but darned if I didn't remember the M70 at my LGS as a Featherweight Maple in .270 Winchester. Still a nice rifle, to be sure, so I figured I could get a feel for whether or not I might want a M70.

The LGS did, I believe, have a Featherweight in .270...but, the model I'd had my eye on turned out to be 24" of classic, American .30-06. I had them take the bolt out of the baggy, wiped it down with a gun rag (she'd been collecting dust), and assembled the rifle. The rifle felt wonderful in the hand and incredibly smooth. It looked leaps and bounds better than the maple stocked Kimber 84M, or the Browning X-bolt. It occurred to me that this M70 would be the perfect heir to my CZ 550FS - CRF, 3-pos safety, gorgeous wood.

Now I own a M70 - my first Winchester: a classic American design in a classic American caliber.
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Welcome to Winchester therapy DJL2!

Congratulations on your new Winchester, and for the informative backstory.

Pictures of your model 70 and range reports if you shoot later are always welcome.
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