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I recently received a Winchester 1890 (third generation) from my father in law. It was being tossed out and he grabbed it. It is in rough shape with a broken stock that was screwed back together and the tangs are bent. The outside is rusty and pitted, but the action works and it is surprisingly clean inside.

Because the stock is split and the tangs are bent about 5-10 degrees to the left, I believe that the receiver took a hard push while the end of the barrel and the butt of the stock were stationary. I assume that the tangs are supposed to be straight. Can someone please verify that the tangs should be in line with the receiver and barrel?

I have started removing the surface rust with bronze wool which reveals some pitting. I will be watching this forum for restoration tips.
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Hello Nub 64,

Welcome to the site. My SWAG to the split stock and bent tangs. When ammo is all gone, the weapon becomes a blunt instrument. As you know, during the early years guns were tools. Also possible rifle was run over by something heavy.
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Copper BB
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Good point. Being run over may be required to bend the tangs. Thanks.

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