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SHOOTER13 wrote:Nice collection of Glocks...

I carry this one daily...


I have a G30 g4. Nice pistol.
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Tim, thanks for time gathering and posting the very informative narrative.

When I was a deputy sheriff, my hip-hugger was a S&W .38 Special. The Glocks were coming on as replacements. Vision and hearing problems required my leaving the SO before I was issued a Glock.
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I MUCH prefer the Glock than any other side arm. They have inherent advantages.

1) they are lighter to carry;
2) they are EXTEREMELY reliable, even when abused;
3) reliability is "built into them" by their nature of only having 33 parts; their ABSOLUTE simplicity lends to reliability.
4) you will not find rust and corrosion problems either; not that I've ever experienced anyway. And I do have a 'few' lol.

ADD: their frames are "common" among many different calibers/models, so, the 9mm double stack pistols, most ALL the parts are interchangeable too. With the big bores (10mm and .45auto) they share frames too.

Most pistols have at a minimun 77 to 100+ parts. So, only having 33 parts makes them so freaking simple, it lends to their reliability. Last time I checked, that's what made their name; that and less weight to carry around.

I believe that the G19 is arguably the best sidearm a operator could carry into battle. Takes less real estate on the body, lighter load to carry and they always go bang when you have everything on the line and REALLY need it to go bang. That's why the Marines, Seals and Army are stocking them now. Many of them now have national stock numbers assigned so our guys can have a choice.

The FBI just choose Glock (again) as well. New ones are being built in Ga as I write this. The first 10k pistols to be delievered in Nov.

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