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Some more family porn for you Snipe.Image
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1963 NIB unfired 1911A1. Christmas gift from my wife 1963. Price tag $86.00.
colt 1911a1-1963.jpg
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Well I am still working out how to resize pictures to post.
But my current and tied for all time favorite 1911 (had an Ithaca years ago) of all that I've owned including a very good Kimber Stainless is a lowly Norinco 1911A1. This thing is like a Timex.
I have intentionally beat the snot out of it and it just soaks it all up.
Brass, aluminum and steel cased ammo no problems. HP's, Flat and Round Nosed bullets just don't matter.
No rails and might as well call the front sight permanently fixed. Nothing fancy about it except maybe the Wilson Combat magazines (that I had to work on internally to function properly) or the Bianchi 111 Cyclone tan holster.
This is not the most accurate 1911 or handgun I've owned but it certainly is the most combat ready.
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